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Apple executives address lack of Face ID and touchscreens on Macs

98% reliable | 7 minute read

Updated iMac Pro reportedly coming in early 2022

75% reliable | 6 minute read

Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook’s new name

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Apple Music is now available on PlayStation 5

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Customers are starting to receive MacBook Pro orders around the globe

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macOS Monterey is now available

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macOS Monterey compatibility: Apple drops support for older Macs

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macOS Monterey review: AirPlay, Universal Control, tweaks and more

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The weekend recap – Everything Apple announced this week

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Apple unlikely to hold any more events this year

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2022 MacBook Air to feature new design, colors, and more

80% reliable | 6 minute read

Android manufacturers are now copying the iPhone's flat design

90% reliable | 4 minute read

Apple silently releases new AirPods Pro

100% reliable | 2 minute read

Apple’s new Polishing Cloth won’t ship until late November

98% reliable | 3 minute read

iOS 15.1 RC released to developers and public beta users

100% reliable | 4 minute read

Universal Control feature for Mac and iPad officially delayed

100% reliable | 3 minute read

Apple reverts to old Safari design in macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15.1

90% reliable | 2 minute read

Apple launches redesigned website with new tabs for AirPods, services and more

100% reliable | 3 minute read