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Twitter for iOS will soon support emoji reactions on tweets

90% reliable | 3 minute read

Apple hikes prices of iPhone, Mac and iPad in Turkey following economic crisis

100% reliable | 2 minute read

Meta delays plans to launch end-to-end encrypted messages on Instagram and Messenger until 2023

100% reliable | 4 minute read

Final Cut Pro 10.6.1 brings bug fixes and reliability improvements

100% reliable | 3 minute read

Amazon app updated with new festive icon

100% reliable | 2 minute read

How Apple could reinvent the iPod as a music device

100% reliable | 6 minute read

Apple fixes macOS Monterey bug that bricked Intel Macs with T2 chip

100% reliable | 2 minute read

macOS Monterey compatibility: Apple drops support for older Macs

100% reliable | 3 minute read

macOS Monterey review: AirPlay, Universal Control, tweaks and more

100% reliable | 19 minute read

Apple unlikely to hold any more events this year

95% reliable | 7 minute read

Android manufacturers are now copying the iPhone's flat design

90% reliable | 4 minute read

Universal Control feature for Mac and iPad officially delayed

100% reliable | 3 minute read