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The Studio Display’s camera is fixed! NOT

5 min read
  • A new beta update is out for the Studio Display
  • It improves camera quality somewhat, but it's not quite great

Weeks after Apple promised a software update for the Studio Display’s woeful camera, it’s finally arrived. Kinda.

A new 15.5 beta update (yes, even monitors have betas these days) has been released for testing for developers that according to an Apple spokesperson has: “refinements to the Studio Display camera tuning, including improved noise reduction, contrast, and framing.”

However, it seems that the camera’s shoddy quality has more to do with the actual hardware itself rather than the software.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel with screen grabs before and after the update; can you tell the difference?

It is indeed slightly better, with more details on his face and a overall wider view, but it still looks pretty crappy considering this is the same company that otherwise uses good selfie cams on their iDevices and Macs.

Similar results could be found on indie dev James Thorson’s Studio Display after the update.

Obviously the camera isn’t the main feature of a monitor and nobody expected 4K image quality with HDR and Deep Fusion and all those other doo-dads but would it have killed Apple to use something better than just acceptable-but-mediocre? Of course, this is just the first update for the Studio Display and it could potentially get better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It is honestly quite baffling as to why Apple opted for an inferior ultra-wide cam for Center Stage in a product that you usually don't move around a lot while using. How many times have you ever encountered a colleague showing you around their house in a Zoom meeting?

Regardless, If you want to test the new update on your Studio Display, be aware that your Mac also has to run the beta version of macOS, so don’t try it on your daily driver. (Psst. If you’re not a developer but otherwise want to install beta software on your Apple devices, head on down to

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