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Apple’s 2021 iPhones may come in bronze and matte black

77% reliable | 7 minute read

Apple may launch a rugged version of the Apple Watch, report says

63% reliable | 4 minute read

AirTags price and size leaked

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Apple sold a $599 game console in 1996

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Apple’s AirPods 3 are now in production, rumors say

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Leaked: New images reveal an iPhone with a smaller notch

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Previously unknown sensor discovered inside Apple’s HomePod mini

94% reliable | 9 minute read

Apple’s VR Headset could feature iris recognition and more, rumors say

81% reliable | 6 minute read

Some 21.5” iMacs have been discontinued, hinting to an imminent iMac refresh

89% reliable | 5 minute read

Facebook ends battle with Apple over privacy

97% reliable | 8 minute read

Apple Silicon iMac ‘confirmed’ with new leak

79% reliable | 8 minute read

How Tim Cook became CEO of Apple

96% reliable | 8 minute read

The March predictions peril and the future of Apple leaks

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Why Apple never developed a Calculator app for iPad

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Apple to offer new contactless experiences at Apple Stores

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The battle for power: Lightning vs. MagSafe

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Is Apple bringing back 3D Touch?

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Apple vs. Facebook: Steve Jobs’ legacy and the battle for privacy

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