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\ ˈsküp \

a : a bite-sized spoonful of something
b : information — especially of immediate interest

Apple news. Like you've never seen it before.

Apple Scoop has been built from the ground up to be fast, secure and modern. We also happen to be the only news source in the industry that is tracker-free, ad-free and free-to-use. And with great features like Instant Stories, Speak, RSS, Topics and Leaderboard — getting to the stories you care about has never been easier.

No Ads

Zero. Zip. Nada. None.
Who clicks on ads anyway?


We're not kidding.
You literally won't pay a cent.

We Don't Track You

Unlike some others, we don't have 23 trackers watching your every move.

Trusted Stories

Our news team and writers work hard to bring you reliable information.


Every story on Apple Scoop can be spoken aloud with one simple tap.


You can now integrate Apple Scoop with your favorite RSS apps and websites.

Instant Stories

Our news stories load instantly. We’re not kidding.

Instant Reply

Comment your thoughts in as little as two taps, no password required.

Dark or Light

Full Dark mode and Light mode support, depending on your device settings.

Reader Mode

With full Reader mode support, you can customize everything.

Stories that matter.No filler.

Because our website doesn’t rely on ad revenue, we strive to only publish a small amount of the most crucial stories per day. And, all of our news is designed to give you the maximum amount of information in the least amount of time.

Made by Apple fans, for Apple fans.

You’re probably thinking, who’s running Apple Scoop? Well, we’re a team of eighteen — based in Australia, The Netherlands, United States, Portugal, Peru, India, Japan, United Kingdom, Austria, Pakistan and Hong Kong. We aim to bring you the best coverage possible.

Flynn Editor Australia

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Web Development | Twitter | Instagram | Video Editor | Journalism | Image Editor

Thomas The Netherlands

Twitter | Wallpapers | News | Image Editor

Noah United States

Instagram | News | Image Editor

Pedro Portugal

Instagram | Wallpapers | Video Editor

André Peru

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Journalism | News

Yash Editor India

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Journalism | News | Wallpapers | Twitter | PR | Source Tracking

Sam United States

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Journalism | News

Carlos United States

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Journalism | News

June Editor Japan

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Journalism | News

Divi Editor United States

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Journalism | News | Facebook

Ben Editor United Kingdom

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Journalism | News

Luka Austria

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Journalism | News | Twitter | Instagram

Apple Tomorrow Pakistan

Renderings & Concepts | Journalism | News

Shreyaan Hong Kong

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Journalism | News

Jack Australia

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Journalism | News

Luke United Kingdom

Web Development | Communications

Russell United States

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Design | Journalism


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