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What to expect at the November Apple Event

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  • Debut of new Apple Silicon chip expected
  • At least 3 new models of Mac are expected
  • 2 new MacBooks are allegedly coming, plus another Mac of some kind
  • New Apple Silicon chip will enable a new level of speed and performance, plus being more powerful and energy efficient than previous generations
  • We may also see AirTags + AirPods Studio at the event

As we all probably already know, Apple’s third fall 2020 event, “One more thing,” is being held on Tuesday, November 10. But what will Apple be announcing at this event? Well, Apple has already released refreshed models of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and HomePod so far in 2020. On top of that, industry insiders are strongly suggesting that Apple’s third annual event will mainly be focused on the debut of the Apple Silicon chip inside of one (or more than one…) Mac.

We've rounded up everything we know about the November event below so you know what to look out for on Tuesday.

Apple Silicon Macs

Rumors about Apple’s move to ARM-based Macs have been going around for years now. At Apple’s June WWDC20 event, Apple officially announced their plans to transition. They announced that future versions of their Mac range will adopt a new chip technology called Apple Silicon, similar to the A-series of chips Apple uses in their iPhone and iPad range. Therefore, we know that Apple is planning to do away with Intel chips in future generations of the Mac.

Apple says that Apple Silicon will bring a new level of speed and performance with Macs that are more powerful and energy efficient than previous generations. Apple Silicon chips will also allegedly include Apple’s Secure Enclave, similar to iPhones and iPads. Apple also announced that they are designing their own GPUs for better performance with professional applications and games. Over the course of the next two years, Apple plans to transition its entire Mac lineup to ‌Apple Silicon‌ chips.

AirTags + AirPods Studio

We’ve placed these at the bottom, mainly because there is a lot of uncertainty around whether or not AirTags and AirPods Studio will be announced at the upcoming event. So, take it with an extra grain of salt. AirTags and AirPods Studio have been rumored for what seems like forever now, and it seems like these rumors are just not going away. Many industry insiders believe the technology is ready and that it is right on the brink of being announced - but the question is just about when.

AirTags would be Apple’s first foray into creating a product that is solely used for item-tracking, similar to products unveiled by Tile in recent years. Rumors suggest AirTags will be thin and round, and would connect via Bluetooth to your Apple devices. It may also use a network of devices to track your items beyond the reach of standard Bluetooth range. It’s unlikely (but possible) that AirTags will be unveiled at the event.

AirPods Studio is rumored to be Apple’s first pair of over-ear headphones. However, as is always the case with Apple, they can’t just be normal over-ear headphones. There have been countless rumors circulating, from the use of magnets, to displays, health monitoring and more. Only time will tell with this one, but it looks rather unlikely that it will launch at the upcoming event.

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