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Apple Watch X: All The Rumors So Far

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  • The Apple Watch Series 10, or "Apple Watch X," is expected to introduce a significant design shift.
  • Rumors suggest a thinner watch body and possibly new magnetic watch bands.
  • New health features may include sleep apnea detection and elevated blood pressure monitoring.
  • The Series 10 could feature a more power-efficient display rather than the previously planned microLED.

The Apple Watch was initially pitched as a groundbreaking sequel to the iPhone, intended to function as a futuristic communication device, a tiny app-based computer, and a fitness tool. However, it wasn't particularly outstanding in any of these areas. Over the years, with continuous refinement and a complete revamp of watchOS, the Apple Watch has evolved into a popular health and fitness tracker with deep integrations with Apple's iPhone and subscription services. Apple Watch XImage credit: MacRumors Despite this evolution, the Apple Watch's design has remained largely consistent over the past decade. This is expected to change with the Apple Watch Series 10, or "Apple Watch X," which is rumored to bring a dramatic shift akin to what the iPhone X did for the iPhone line. Reports suggest a refined look and new functionalities that could mark a significant milestone for Apple's smartwatches.

Apple Watch announcements are typically made alongside new iPhone releases. Following this pattern, the Apple Watch Series 10 is likely to be introduced at the same time as the new iPhone, expected in September. This alignment underscores the smartwatch's role as a complementary accessory to the iPhone, enhancing its features and capabilities.

One of the anticipated changes for the Apple Watch Series 10 is a thinner watch body. The current models have grown more compact over time, but they still retain significant thickness due to the sensors on the back. Rumors indicate that the Series 10 will have a thinner case and possibly a new way for watch bands to attach, which could free up space for a larger battery or other enhancements. Additionally, there may be new screen sizes, with the 41mm model increasing to 45mm and the 45mm model to 49mm. Apple Watch XImage credit: Tailosive Tech on YouTube Another potential change involves the introduction of new magnetic watch bands. The current connector, used since the first Apple Watch, occupies valuable space. A new magnetic attachment system could resolve this issue, although it might not be ready in time for the Series 10 release. This change could impact existing watch band compatibility, but it might offer more internal space for improvements.

While Apple had plans to use microLED displays in the Apple Watch for brighter and more vibrant screens, these plans have reportedly been scrapped due to high production costs and insufficient added value. Instead, the Series 10 might feature a more power-efficient display using advanced LTPO technology, which could extend battery life significantly.

The Apple Watch Series 10 is also expected to introduce new health detection and safety features. Apple's ongoing efforts to offer non-invasive blood glucose monitoring have yet to come to fruition, but the Series 10 might include capabilities to detect sleep disturbances and potential sleep apnea, as well as elevated blood pressure. Additionally, Apple is exploring the possibility of using the watch to detect drowning, enhancing its safety features.

In response to a legal dispute over blood oxygen monitoring technology, Apple is working on algorithmic changes to comply with patent restrictions. These changes could potentially be included in the Series 10, ensuring the feature remains available to users without altering the hardware.

As with previous releases, the Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to be available for pre-order shortly after its announcement in September. Pricing is likely to remain consistent, with the entry-level model starting at $399. Given the anticipated design changes and new features, potential buyers might find it worthwhile to wait for the Series 10 rather than purchasing the Series 9 unless significant discounts are offered.

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