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Bill Maher says Apple's CSAM detection is a blatant constitutional breach

4 min read
  • Bill Maher has joined the Apple CSAM debate.
  • Masher says this is just a way for Apple to snoop through your pictures.

Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has joined the debate over Apple’s new CSAM detection tools, declaring them a blatant constitutional breach against users.

Maher has joined a long line of civil rights groups, the German government, a German journalist union and even some Apple employees in complaining about these new CSAM tools, and asking Apple to reconsider their decisions.

Bill Maher is the latest high-profile person who has joined in on this debate. He made a statement about Apple's CSAM during a segment of his ‘Real Time’ talk show. His eight-minute-long segment started with Maher stating that this is just a way for Apple to hack into your phone without your consent so that they could snoop through your pictures, just in case you’re a pedophile. Masher says ‘nosing through everyone’s private photo stash is casting an awfully wide intrusive net'. He then goes on to compare the idea to a safe manufacturer saying they will occasionally check the safe for illegal material.

"Our phones should be like our wallets or purses. Private, what about probable cause? What about the fourth amendment? The very definition of unreasonable search and seizure, which can and will be abused to find evidence of other illegal stuff on our phones."

Earlier this week, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi admitted on August 13 that Apple’s introduction of the CSAM detection tools could’ve been handled better. He then goes on to say that everything was “widely misunderstood”. Apple has also been seen performing damage control by offering more exclamations on how the system works.

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