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Some users experiencing sound issues with movies on the Apple TV app

4 min read
  • Users report sound issues with rented/owned movies on the Apple TV app.
  • This issue has been circulating since the beginning of July.
  • Users are finding Apple Support to be very unhelpful.

Some users of the Apple TV app have reported sound issues when watching rented/owned movies. This issue appears to be happening across multiple platforms, where the TV app is offered, such as tvOS, smart TVs, and some third-party streaming platforms like Roku.

According to 9to5Mac (reliability: 79.17%) and a few other sources, reports of this issue started around the beginning of July. But so far, no one has been able to find a clear pattern to diagnose the underlying issue, and this has begun frustrating the users. We do know that these issues are not isolated events, which could mean that this is a system-wide problem at play. 9to5Mac says this could possibly be a digital rights management issue. It's possible that this system has a bug somewhere which is causing the Apple TV app to refuse to decode the soundtrack for some users, even though a legitimate purchase is made.

To make matters even worse, users are not getting the support that they expected from the Apple Support team. It appears that Apple Support can't fix the issue and can't give a copy of the movie with the sound intact. However, they have just been giving out refunds to people who file a complaint on this matter.

Even so, unfortunately, it appears that not everyone is getting a refund. According to affected users, Apple Support was very unhelpful and seems to not understand the actual issue, therefore, leaving many users without a refund.

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