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Apple hides iPad Pro YouTube video

7 min read
  • Apple has lost over 3 million views on YouTube, as spotted by Apple YouTuber Sam Kohl.
  • This could indicate a new iPad Pro launch, as the majority of deleted views were on iPad Pro-related ads and videos.
  • This isn't the first time Apple has hidden videos regarding soon-to-be refreshed products.

YouTuber Sam Kohl (who cohosts the Genius Bar Podcast with Jon Prosser) spotted a dramatic decrease in views on Apple's official YouTube channel using the online analytics tool Social Blade. The only way it is possible for views to decrease is when videos are deleted or set to private. This may hint the launch of a new iPad Pro, as one of the most-viewed videos now found to be unplayable is promoting the 2020 iPad Pro.

This is not the first time Apple has hidden videos in preparation for the launch of successors to those products, such as when Apple set a 2018 iPad Pro video to unlisted (meaning it isn't viewable without the exact link). This happened just weeks before the release of the 2020 model, although you can still watch the video below. The video (titled 5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer) highlights the iPad Pro's power, creative uses, portability with cellular data, intuitive, easy to use software and industry leading Apple pencil.

That same philosophy and feature set has continued to redefine what a computer is, with added improvements in the subsequent model. However, the 2021 iPad Pro refresh is rumored to make greater internal upgrades that ever before when it comes to performance. In fact, we may see a high powered A14X Bionic chipset that meets the performance of the M1 Mac chip in this years model. But what suggests the release of a refreshed iPad Pro after the recent redesign last year? In part, the sudden deletion of the main advertisement for the 2020 iPad Pro. The video titled "Float" shows off the floating magic keyboard design that debuted with the 2020 iPad Pro. Curiously, the video has been set to private, rendering it unwatchable to anyone but Apple. Luckily, many channels have re-uploaded the commercial. You can watch it below:

With the history of Apple's YouTube habits and the plethora of leaks in mind, this is a strong indication that a new 2021 iPad Pro is on the horizon. However, this new development gives me confidence that it may release sooner than previously expected.

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