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Apple set to reintroduce updated HomeKit architecture in iOS 16.4

4 min read
  • New code suggests Apple's updated HomeKit architecture will be reintroduced soon.
  • The software was pulled in December after severe issues were reported.
  • The software will likely be included in the beta of iOS 16.4.

New backend code indicates that Apple is preparing to reintroduce an updated version of its new Homekit architecture after the initial update caused bugs and installation issues for users. The new code, discovered by Twitter users nicolas09F9 and aaronp613, references the second iteration of Apple's new HomeKit architecture, which is now expected to be included in the iOS 16.4 beta. Apple has not provided a specific release date for the update, but it may be available soon.

The update aims to improve the reliability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices. In the previous attempt to release the software in December in iOS 16.2, some HomeKit devices went missing from HomeKit setups or were stuck with a "configuring/updating" status. Additionally, invitations to share the Home with others failed, and HomeKit Secure video recording became broken for some.

Hopefully, the second version of the updated HomeKit architecture will be more stable than the first.

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