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Apple to offer Face ID repairs without full iPhone replacement

2 min read
  • Apple is making a new TrueDepth camera part available to authorized repairers.
  • The updated repair process means that Apple will not need to replace the whole iPhone to fix a faulty Face ID module.

Apple will be able to repair a broken or damaged Face ID sensor without replacing the entire iPhone, according to MacRumors. The change to the repair process applies to the iPhone XS and later.

A new TrueDepth Camera replacement part will make it much easier for technicians to fix Face ID problems. This means that Apple will no longer need to replace the whole iPhone, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

It’s not clear why the iPhone X, which was the introduced in 2017 as the first Apple device with Face ID, is excluded from the new scheme. However, a replacement iPhone XS could cost over $800, so replacing just the TrueDepth camera module should work out significantly cheaper. Apple hasn’t announced the pricing of this repair process.

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