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Instagram launching chronological feed in 2022

2 min read
  • A popular feature is returning to Instagram next year.
  • The redesigned chronological feed will be an option for users to select from.

Instagram has confirmed that it is working on a chronological feed and plans to release the feature in early 2022.

Testifying at U.S senate panel, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, said a new version of the feed will be available to users as an option in the first quarter of 2022.

The chronological feed display the latest posts first, in order of when they were posted. It was a popular feature and one that was removed with Instagram’s big redesign in 2016, with thousands of requests for the preferred feed to return.

Since 2016, Instagram has continued to push its own algorithm, which suggests posts based on the type of people you interact with the most, and the topics you are interested in. It’s since expanded the feed to include suggested posts related to content you’ve viewed on the platform.

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