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Netflix rolls out Spatial Audio support

2 min read
  • Netflix is rolling out support for Spatial Audio in compatible video content
  • It will be gradually available over the coming weeks

The company confirmed last week that Spatial Audio would soon be available on the Netflix app on iPhone and iPad.

When the rollout has been completed, all users running iOS 14 and iOS 15 will be able to listen to compatible movies, TV shows and series with Spatial Audio. The feature requires AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

Spatial Audio was announced by Apple last year and creates an immersive audio viewing experience by making sound appear to come from different directions, applying directional audio filters, and adjusting frequencies to achieve that. However, the feature does not work with every piece of audio and video.

Other streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go, and Vudu have supported Spatial Audio in their apps for a while.

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