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Apple announces Live Text and more in iOS 15

4 min read
  • You can now easily highlight text in images.
  • Live text works on other apps such as Apple news.
  • In iOS 15, photos will be featured in spotlight searches.

Apple has just announced during WWDC 2021 that one of iOS 15's many features will be the all-new highlight-able text in images feature. This feature allows you to highlight text in any photo you’ve taken — and then search it. Apple also announced another interesting touch in the photos category — you can now search for your photos and they can be presented in spotlight searches. Alongside that, Apple Music songs can now be integrated into photo memories adding a very cool effect.

From Apple Insider:

Apple Music integration tops the list of new functions, with subscribers of the streaming service able to add any track to a memory. This is on top of hundreds of original songs that will be added to the feature at launch. The integration also includes song suggestions that combine expert recommendations with a user's personal tastes. Suggestions can also recommend songs that were popular at the time and location of the memory, "songs you listened to while traveling, or a song from the artist you saw for a concert memory," Apple says.

It makes and synchronizes music with videos and images to add a cinematic effect. It also of course is user addressable, so if you don’t like the song it chose you can choose a different one and get it just the way you want it.

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