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AirTags price and size leaked

10 min read
  • We first heard of AirTags in 2019.
  • AirTags will allegedly make use of ultra-wideband technology.
  • They will connect through the already pre-installed ‘Find My’ application.

Apple's rival to the ‘Tile’ items tracker has been rumored for some time now and us Apple fans are very eager to find out as much as we can.

In the most recent leaks, it has been revealed that Apple’s AirTags may cost about $39 each, with a size slightly larger than a 50-cent coin. According to Weinbach, ‌AirTags‌ will come in one size measuring 32mm x 32mm x 6mm. If true, this means they are slightly smaller than Samsung's Galaxy SmartTags, launched in late January.

What exactly are AirTags?

AirTags are a small, probably circular, Bluetooth device that can track your items if lost. You can connect the AirTags to a variety of things such as: keys, wallet, handbag and anything else you can think of really. They are believed to be attached by either adhesive or a new type of keychain, threaded through the hole already in the AirTag. Jon Prosser (reliability: 88.46%) has also shown some renders, made by CConceptCreator, of the supposed design of the AirTags. These are not official renders, but are rumored to be based on videos of the real device that he's seen.

The all new device will work seamlessly, of course. They will connect through the already pre-installed 'Find My' application on your iPhone, iPad, iMac/Macbook or can even be found on AirTags are expected to make use of a technology called ‘ultra-wideband technology’ which will offer a more advanced and accurate indoor location point — this cannot be done with Bluetooth alone. They will take advantage of the U1 chip to achieve this and has been known to have 5cm accuracy. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (reliability: 80.95%) has said that this technology will:

Enhance the user experience of iOS's 'find' and augmented reality (AR) applications by offering measurement functions in the short distance." — Ming-Chi Kuo

Although these are all rumors, Apple did accidentally leak them themselves in a demonstration video of Find My iPhone. The text clearly states “Offline finding enables this device and AirTags to be found.” Cleverly, when you need to activate an AirTag, the ‌Find My‌ app will provide sounds when you face the correct direction of the lost item, letting you know when a lost device is ahead of you, when you're nearby, or when it's in arms reach. It will also have discouraging tones letting you know if you're not facing the correct way, the report said. This is enhanced with the use of ultra-wideband technology.

Patents have revealed that some accessories that may be released alongside the AirTags, almost confirming the design of the AirTags themselves. You’ll supposedly also be able to set boundaries for your tags. In the ‌Find My‌ app, you can create Safe Locations. For example, if your item (attached to your AirTag) is at your Safe Location, you will not receive an alert when left behind. However, as soon as the AirTag leaves the Safe Location — you’ll receive a notification letting you know the whereabouts of the item.

We do not have any dates for the release of the AirTags just yet, but some leakers have suggested we’ll be seeing them as soon as this year.

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