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Apple may launch a rugged version of the Apple Watch, report says

4 min read
  • Apple is allegedly considering launching a stronger and more durable Apple Watch for people who would typically wear a heavy-duty or ‘rugged’ watch.
  • Reports suggest that the company thinks a ‘rugged Apple Watch’ could very well boost sales.
  • Development of this watch could ultimately be canceled or delayed.

According to new reports, Apple is considering making yet another version of the already widely popular Apple Watch line. With this new watch, they are allegedly targeting runners and outdoorsy consumers, as well as people who use their watch during heavy-duty tasks. According to new reporting from Bloomberg, we may see this new Apple Watch as soon as 2022.

Although Apple already has an Apple Watch Sport line of watches for exercise, these new reports say the company thinks that a rugged version could be a hit with a specific type of consumer. Rumors point to this new rugged version featuring a thicker exterior casing and thicker/stronger glass, among other things. Since Apple released the original Apple Watch in 2015, the product has dominated almost 40% of the smartwatch market because of how popular the line is. They think that releasing this new watch could increase the popularity greatly.

According to reports, Apple had already been working on this idea a few years back, but ultimately scrapped it. This was allegedly done due to strong competition from other vendors of rugged outdoor watches. But this time around, they are actually considering joining the game because they find that it might be profitable, the reports said. At this moment, it's unclear when Apple intends to announce or launch this device — if they do, analysts and leakers are predicting a launch in September 2022.

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