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Apple TV+ is getting ads

6 min read
  • Apple is expanding its streaming service, Apple TV+, which may lead to new additions.
  • Apple has begun to monetize attention and personalize ads on their streaming service with the help of new executive Lauren Fry.
  • Apple's first attempt at advertising on their App Store failed due to inappropriate ads, but with Fry's expertise, they hope to produce suitable ads for users.
  • The move towards personalized ads could lead to backlash from fans regarding privacy concerns.
  • The concept is still in the early stages, but we may see more advertising on Apple TV+ soon.

In recent times Apple has begun to expand its streaming service Apple TV+, but as Apple continues to grow their streaming empire it means there may be some new additions to the service. Ads on Apple are something new and foreign to users, it was only in October last year where Apple had its first trial of advertising on their App Store. This sneaky little stunt from Apple back in October has sparked a wide variety of advertisements flocking across a range of different Apple run services. Despite Apple having huge backlash when they first starting advertising on App Store, Apple have continued to expand their advertising portfolio as they look to make a few extra bucks. This move comes thanks to Lauren Fry, a former TV executive who has joined the company. This move will allow Apple to push personalized ads to viewers of its streaming service, who are willing to pay for an ad-free experience. Image credit: Apple Inc. Lauren Fry who is a long-time TV executive has joined the Apple as they embark on a new journey to raise their profits, a plan that could loose them thousands of subscribers. The first time Apple tried to advertise back in October last year failed miserably as fans were disgusted after a wide range of gambling ads flocked the App Store home page — with Apple not responding to the situation. With the new executive joining the team, it should hopefully allow for Apple to produce ads that are suitable for the users and aren't deemed inappropriate. But how will they know what you want? Image credit: Apple Inc. It is expected that Apple will now begin to further monetize your attention to allow them to push personalised ads. Apple may receive a backlash from fans regarding the further tracking of their privacy as Apple continue to preach how your data is safe and protected with them. But this could all change if Apple begins to track what you do and what you like to produce personalised ads. Well, we aren't really too sure yet on how Apple is going to do this as the concept is still in the early stages of production, but we may see more advertising coming to Apple TV+ sooner than you think.

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