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iPhone 13 supply getting hit by supplier chip shortages

3 min read
  • A new report states that Apple is not able to meet iPhone 13 production targets.
  • Chip suppliers we’re having trouble meeting production quotas.
  • This chip shortage issue comes from both Texas instruments and Broadcom.

A new report is claiming that Apple is cutting iPhone 13 production targets because some of it’s chip suppliers are having trouble meeting production quotas.

The report says that Apple may cut iPhone 13 production targets by up to 10 million units because of on going chip shortages. It does appear that this issue isn't solely related to Apple‘s main CPU supplier TSMC, instead it appears to be coming from Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

The report does not give any information on the particular chip that is currently in tight supply from either supplier.

From 9to5Mac:

Specifically, Bloomberg says that key Apple suppliers including Broadcom and Texas Instruments are unable to deliver the necessary quantities of components, so Apple has been forced to tell other parts of its manufacturing pipeline to also cut back.

On its last earnings call, Apple warned investors that supply chain production problems could impact iPhone supply in the current quarter. Earlier in the year, Apple said that constrained availability of ‘legacy nodes’ was impacting iPad and MacBook production.

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