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macOS Monterey is now available

4 min read
  • macOS 12 Monterey is now available for compatible Macs with Apple silicon or Intel processors.
  • Anyone with a compatible machine can get the new version for free.

MacOS Monterey brings a slew of new features and enhancements. The first is SharePlay, which is also available on iOS and iPadOS today. Over a FaceTime call, users can listen to music, watch movies or TV shows, and do other things. FaceTime calls have spatial audio, which means the speaker's voice comes from the direction they're looking on the screen.

Voice Isolation to eliminate background noise, Wide Spectrum to receive the full range of sound, Portrait Mode — which will also be available for Webex and Zoom — and a new grid view for group calls are among the other FaceTime enhancements. The new Universal Control feature allows users to switch between a Mac and an iPad using a single mouse and keyboard. The devices only need to be next to each other, and the OS will figure out which device you want to move to when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen. AirPlay to Mac allows iPhone and iPad users to share content to a Mac in the same way that they would an Apple TV.

Some iOS 15 features, such as Live Text and Visual Look Up, are also included in macOS Monterey. Live Text detects text in photos, such as phone numbers, websites, and addresses, and allows users to search for, copy/paste, and interact with it. Visual Look Up can recognize animals, art, landmarks, plants, and other objects in photos and provide information about them.

Monterey also gets Focus, which are personalized do not disturb profiles that you can create for different occasions, activities, or times of the day to receive only personalized notifications.

Safari has been updated as well, with a brand new user interface, improved tab management, and enhanced privacy protections.

macOS Monterey is now available to download through the Mac App Store.

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