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Topic: 2022

Android manufacturers are now copying the iPhone's flat design

90% reliable4 mins

Apps that support account creation will be required to allow account deletion starting Jan 31 2022

95% reliable3 mins

Apple reportedly cancels plans for OLED iPad Air

80% reliable4 mins

Redesigned MacBook Air, housing the next-gen Apple Silicon, to enter mass production in Q3 2022

81% reliable6 mins

Gurman: iPhone 14 to get a ‘complete redesign’

84% reliable5 mins

Gurman: AirPods Pro 2 and redesigned iPad Pro coming in 2022

84% reliable6 mins

Microsoft Teams to add CarPlay support and more soon

100% reliable3 mins

Kuo: Apple Watch Series 8 may include new temperature sensors, plus new AirPods rumors

80% reliable4 mins

iPhone 14: Titanium design, no notch, flat camera and more

70% reliable5 mins

Apple announces September 14 event

100% reliable7 mins

Rising chip prices are expected to impact Apple

75% reliable5 mins

Apple announces major changes to the App Store

100% reliable4 mins