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Topic: Privacy

Misogynistic former employee shoots back at Apple

100% reliable | 5 minute read

WhatsApp breaks App Store guidelines by limiting functionality for users who do not accept new privacy policy

95% reliable | 6 minute read

96% of iOS users opt out of app tracking, report finds

66% reliable | 5 minute read

Apple's conflict with Facebook goes all the way back to the Steve Jobs era

100% reliable | 7 minute read

First hands-on photos and videos of AirTag emerge

100% reliable | 6 minute read

Rumors begin to circulate for iOS 15 and iPadOS

84% reliable | 8 minute read

Two thirds of iPhone users may block ad tracking, report says

68% reliable | 6 minute read

Apple expands Find My network for third-parties

97% reliable | 7 minute read

Tim Cook responds to Facebook's criticism about app tracking

98% reliable | 7 minute read

Apple now rejecting apps that violate their privacy rules

98% reliable | 11 minute read

Facebook ends battle with Apple over privacy

97% reliable | 8 minute read

Apple vs. Facebook: Steve Jobs’ legacy and the battle for privacy

95% reliable | 11 minute read