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iOS 15.1 RC released to developers and public beta users

4 min read
  • iOS 15.1 Release Candidate announced
  • iOS 15 Features that were previously held back will now be available.
  • The official release date for iOS 15.1 Is expected for Monday, October 25.

Shortly after the Apple September Keynote concluded Apple revealed iOS 15.1 beta, now shortly after the October event has concluded iOS 15.1 RC (release candidate) is now available for developers and public beta users.

One of the original key features to iOS 15 which was announced during WWDC 2021 was SharePlay, which allows you to share songs, videos or even your screen during a FaceTime call, however this future was held back and is now returning with iOS 15.1 RC.

Lossless and Dolby Atmos support for HomePods was also a feature that was postponed and will also be re-added to ios 15 with the iOS 15.2 RC update. There are some new features included in iOS 15 as well, including support for COVID-19 vaccination cards in the Wallet app, and storage for test results in the health app. iOS 15.1 RC is now available to all developers and public beta testers via OTC with the build number 19B74, to get this update on an iPhone or iPad currently running iOS 15.1 Beta, go to General > Software > software update menu in settings. You can also download the iOS 15.1 RC beta directly from Apple’s developer website. The official release date for iOS 15.1 Is expected for Monday, October 25, along with macOS Monterey.

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