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Topic: Apple Silicon

Many popular apps still don’t have native Apple Silicon support

95% reliable | 8 minute read

Apple announces $430 billion investment in the United States

100% reliable | 7 minute read

Intel uses MacBook Pro stock image in an ad after bashing Apple

100% reliable | 5 minute read

Apple orders 4nm chips from TSMC for next-generation Macs

62% reliable | 4 minute read

Apple’s new iPad Pro may be as powerful as an M1 Mac

84% reliable | 4 minute read

Redesigned MacBook Pros to be released by the second half of 2021

81% reliable | 5 minute read

Qualcomm acquires Apple’s former chief architect

99% reliable | 5 minute read

MacBook Pro will ditch Touch Bar for a new design with MagSafe, rumors say

82% reliable | 4 minute read

Future M-series chip could have up to 32 cores, new rumors say

84% reliable | 4 minute read

We might see the first 3nm Apple chips as early as 2022

76% reliable | 5 minute read

M1 MacBook Air is the notebook to buy

100% reliable | 5 minute read

Watch: Reviews of Apple’s new M1-powered Macs

100% reliable | 3 minute read