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iPhone 15 Pro glass panel samples hint at ultra-thin, symmetrical bezels

73% reliable5 mins

New MacBook Air models coming as soon as April

68% reliable4 mins

Apple announces WWDC22

90% reliable5 mins

Latest macOS Monterey beta shows a 'High Power Mode' for MacBooks is still in development

51% reliable5 mins

Bloomberg: Redesigned Mac mini with more ports coming in the “next several months”

84% reliable5 mins

Apple wins a partial victory over Patent Troll Optis

92% reliable7 mins

Apple announces iOS 15

100% reliable9 mins

Some 12.9-inch iPad Pro users are experiencing 'display blooming'

90% reliable11 mins

Apple may announce AirPods 3 and Apple Music HiFi on May 18, sketchy rumor claims

54% reliable11 mins

Update: Apple clarifies first-gen iPad Pro Magic Keyboard compatibility

100% reliable7 mins

Apple announces $430 billion investment in the United States

100% reliable7 mins

New 12.9-inch iPad Pro faces compatibility issues with the older Magic Keyboard

95% reliable7 mins