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Apple is now the most profitable company in the world

98% reliable | 5 minute read

New ‘Sound Packs’ from top artists and producers now available on GarageBand for iPhone and iPad

100% reliable | 4 minute read

Apple considering vaccine requirements for returning employees

98% reliable | 4 minute read

Face ID reportedly coming to Macs, all iPads and iPhones within a ‘couple of years’

83% reliable | 6 minute read

Many popular apps still don’t have native Apple Silicon support

95% reliable | 8 minute read

iPhone 13 to reportedly feature Wi-Fi 6E technology

64% reliable | 5 minute read

Two new AirTag accessory colors are available now

100% reliable | 3 minute read

All upcoming Macs will reportedly feature 1080p webcams

80% reliable | 7 minute read

Apple stock hit a new record high this week

90% reliable | 4 minute read

Notes created in iOS 15 and macOS 12 may be hidden on older OS versions

100% reliable | 4 minute read

Apple incentivizes LG smartphone users to switch to iPhone

100% reliable | 4 minute read

Apple rolls out Xcode Cloud beta testing to developers

99% reliable | 4 minute read