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Topic: Updates

Leaked Identifiers Hint at Exciting New M5 iPads for 2025

86% reliable10 mins

Apple’s Next AI Leap: Partnering with Google’s Gemini?

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iOS 19 Development Already Underway: What’s Next for Apple?

79% reliable7 mins

iOS 18’s Game-Changing RCS Feature: The End of Apple's Green Bubbles and Messaging Nightmares?

100% reliable9 mins

Apple's Next iPhone: Leaks, Rumors, and What to Expect (June 2024)

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Do iPhones Or Androids Last Longer?

100% reliable7 mins

Which iPhones Will Stop Working In 2024 and 2025? Complete List of Compatible Apple Products

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iOS 17.6: First Public Beta Released

100% reliable3 mins

The UK Could Soon Refuse Apple Security Updates

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New iWork updates bring Apple Pencil hover features and more

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Here's what's new in iOS 16.4

100% reliable6 mins

Gurman: iOS 17 to include several “nice to have features”

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