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Universal Control feature for Mac and iPad officially delayed

3 min read
  • Universal Control has been delayed until later this year.
  • It was announced in June and hasn’t yet been available to test.

Apple has officially delayed the release of Universal Control in macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15 until an update later this fall.

The feature was first unveiled at WWDC back in June, and allows you to control up to three Mac or iPad devices with the same mouse and keyboard. Universal Control also lets you share files between devices, and treat each one as a separate display.

Use a single keyboard, mouse, or trackpad to work between your devices. When you move from your Mac to your iPad, the cursor for your mouse or trackpad transforms from an arrow to a round dot, automatically changing shape to the one that is best suited for the device. ~Apple

The much-anticipated feature has now been pushed back until at least later this year, according to Despite some mentions of it in the latest macOS Monterey beta, it won’t ship with the update next week.

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