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Face ID remains a ‘long-term goal’ as Apple delays Touch ID on iPhone 13

4 min read
  • Face ID is a “long-term goal” for Apple, Mark Gurman reports
  • Apple reportedly tested Touch ID on early iPhone 13 models but has no plans to bring dual authentication to this year’s lineup
  • The feature is now expected on the 2022 iPhone models

Apple will not re-introduce Touch ID on the iPhone 13, Mark Gurman has reiterated in the Power On newsletter. He previously reported that Apple was testing in-screen Touch ID authentication, but that it wouldn't be included in the iPhone 13.

Instead, Face ID reportedly remains a “long-term goal” at Apple, and it is widely expected to transition to new technology under the display within the next two years. Gurman provides two strategies that Apple could take for future high-end and lower-end iPhone models. Firstly, Face ID will be present on all models, but on cheaper models, it will be within the notch, whereas on higher-end models it will be below the display. Alternatively, more expensive models will get in-screen Face ID, while lower-end models will get in-screen Touch ID.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is exploring in-screen Touch ID on the 2022 iPhones. It isn’t expected to replace Face ID, but could be used as dual-authentication.

In less than one month’s time, Apple four new iPhone models, all with a smaller notch, improved cameras, and larger batteries. The Pro models should come with better video capabilities, a 120Hz display, and possibly 1TB of storage.

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