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M1 MacBook Air is the notebook to buy

5 min read

Just a few short weeks ago, Apple unveiled three new Macs to the world. All three computers include Apple’s new M1 chip, with prices starting between $699-$1,299. Aside from their internals, all 3 Macs look nearly identical to previous models.

First up as the new MacBook Air, with a 13.3” Retina display and 3.5x faster CPU. Apple also claimed that it has up to 5x faster graphics, and up to 18 hours battery life. Hefty claims. Apple also introduced a new Mac mini and a new version of the MacBook Pro.

After the event, many were quick to point out that the MacBook Air looks especially promising amongst Apple’s new M1 Mac lineup. At the time, the new MacBook Air looked like a steal next to the MacBook Pro - and now we’re finally starting to see just how much of an upgrade the Air truly is. In the video above, Michael Josh from GadgetMatch compares the M1 MacBook Air to the previous generation Intel MacBook Air - as well as the 16” Intel MacBook Pro. Impressively, the Air is able to vastly exceed the performance of the previous generation Air - and it’s able to almost match the performance of Apple’s 16” Intel MacBook Pro. This is a big deal. Michael also takes a segment of the video to talk about how the MacBook Air is able to stay completely cool while its Intel-powered counterparts get noticeably warm to the touch after heavy use.

When it comes to battery life, the MacBook Air continues to shine. After rendering a 12 minute 4K video, the new M1 MacBook Air was still at 87% charge - while its Intel-based counterpart was at 52% charge. Michael performs various real-world tests on the devices throughout the video so we encourage you to check out the video and see for yourself.

It’s now becoming clear that the M1 MacBook Air is the notebook to buy from Apple for most consumers. With vast performance gains, better battery life and a thin and light design, the M1 MacBook Air is definitely going on my Christmas list. Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below.

All three computers are available to order now from the Apple Store and online. The MacBook Air starts at $999, the MacBook Pro starts at $1,299 and the Mac Mini starts at $699.

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