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Topic: iCloud

Apple developing hardware subscription for latest iPhone

90% reliable | 3 minute read

EFF wants Apple to drop CSAM scanning plans entirely

91% reliable | 5 minute read

Apple delays Child Safety features

100% reliable | 5 minute read

Apple has been scanning for CSAM in emails since 2019

80% reliable | 5 minute read

Civil rights groups worldwide are asking Apple to drop CSAM plans

80% reliable | 4 minute read

German politician requests Apple abandon its plans for CSAM scanning

100% reliable | 6 minute read

Apple releases iCloud 12.5 for Windows with built-in password manager

100% reliable | 3 minute read

Apple losing employees in health, iCloud and AI teams, report says

92% reliable | 5 minute read

Epic Games CEO criticizes Apple over new CSAM safety initiatives

100% reliable | 8 minute read

Apple addresses concerns with CSAM detection, says any expansion will occur on a per-country basis

94% reliable | 5 minute read

iCloud Calendar users still affected by spam events years later

100% reliable | 5 minute read

Apple to face antitrust investigation in Germany

100% reliable | 5 minute read